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January 18, 2022

Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues/ Blues Rock - Modern electric blues
00:00:00 Blues Delight - Slightly Hung Over
00:04:48 John O'Leary - Drinking Again
00:14:31 Daniel Castro - I'll Play The Blues For You
00:22:14 JT Coldfire - She's Crazy
00:27:37 Albert Cummings - Lonely Bed
00:34:59 Sam Myers - We Got The Blues
00:39:51 Meena Cryle - It Makes Scream
00:49:42 Henrik Freischlader - Lonely World
00:58:07 Big Daddy Wilson - Walk A Mile In Shoes
01:08:12 Hubert Sumlin - Sometimes I'm Right
01:15:30 Freddy Cole - This Time I'm Gone for Good
01:20:29 Rory Gallagher - What In The World
01:29:51 Eb Davis - What You Gonna Do
01:37:33 Guy Davis - Loneliest Road That We Know
01:45:58 Chris Bell - Elevator To Heaven
01:54:07 Buster Benton - Money Is The Name of The Game
02:00:15 Lucky Lloyd - We Feel The Pain
02:09:01 Blues Delight - If We Had Money
02:15:52 Kirk Fletcher - Silver Spoon
02:26:24 The Black Circles - Bad Luck
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